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the earliest days.

hikaru (c) wun



Crazy world, gentle love

I’ve been meaning to draw these two! One of my favorite pairings that belong to friends 8D I wish I knew more about them, but for now I can only love them from what I’ve seen. They both seem so circumstantially flawed, but in the right moments I feel like their love can blossom. Idk, it’s 3am and I’m just saptastic.

Obadiah (c) Paddudubudu

Hikaru (c) Wantanbaton


WAH THIS IS SO PRETTY SKLJalj I love the poses and the way oba’s holding hikaru’s pinky its so cutekjrlshef////



late night pchatsss

hikaru (c) wun

she will kill you; without her, you will die
she will kill you; without her, you will die


man, drawing’s been pretty difficult lately ;;;

anywho, I guess this is a little “response” doodle to paddy’s mermaid hunter post, hehehe can’t wait to read more of it..!!

gah, almost 4 am lsdkfjdf…/scuttles off to bed

Hikaru (c) wan

Obadiah (c) paddy

uwaaahh JINN this is so pretty! ;_;

The colours are so lovely and bright! I love the lighting on their hair ksdfjl OBA LOOKS SO HANDSOME AND HIKARU SO PRETTYguaaha

Thank you jin!! <3 I hope your artblock go away soon!(THO YOUR DRAWING LOOKS REALLY GOOD TO ME)

you guys make me want to draw another version of this lolloolll 

are we really so different?