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Yellow tulips can symbolize hopeless love or happiness in one’s life. To you I wish the latter.

(not canon awlkjfweLOL I just wanted to draw older AU…|) Older!Hikaru makes me happy because she looks so cheerful and vibrant, like she’s found happiness in her life wahhh /// )

Anyways, happy birthday wan! I’m so glad I got to meet you! You’re a really fun person to be around and I’m grateful for all the precious memories that we’ve shared over the past year. :) I look forward to many more years of friendship with you! <333 Hope you have a wonderful day! 

hikaru (c) wan






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  4. avodkabottle said: This is so sweet////! Ahhhh the colours and her smile are so warming///; the little flower decorations on her dress are fine and delicate too ahh// /totally wishes this were canon b/c Oba and it’s so dfgjhh /tears
  5. komatoast said: skdhasklh PADDD YOUR COLORING IS SO BEAUTIFULLL!!! i love how all your paintings have a warm feel to them and emit a nice feeling!
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