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woops sorry for all the doodle spam…
fortunately school will start soon so i can keep myself busy again….. i kinda miss it…

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Midorima-s this time. It’s bit late to say this but Happy new year!


Midorima-s this time. It’s bit late to say this but Happy new year!









This Week In History: 12-year-old Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Durrah is shot to death in his father’s arms by Israeli troops

On September 30, 2000, the second day of the second intifada, the father and son were caught in a cross fire and hid behind a concrete cylinder. For 45 minutes Jamal al-Durrah shielded his son from Israeli fire as several bullets narrowly missed them. He desperately waved and shouted: “Don’t shoot!” but to no avail.

Muhammad al-Durrah was shot four times and eventually slumped across his father’s legs, who was also shot and lost consciousness. 

An ambulance driver who tried to rescue the boy and his father was also killed, along with a jeep driver, and a second ambulance driver was wounded. Muhammad lay bleeding for at least 17 minutes before an ambulance was able to pick them up.

I remember it like it was yesterday! And how everyone burst into tears.

Tears. This breaks my heart

This is like the Arab 9/11. Everyone was watching this on tv, and it seemed unrealistic and too tragic. 

Always a reblog

This is a constant reminder of the brutality, savagery, inhumanity, barbarity, cruelty, and every other synonym that describes the invading Israeli Army … May God bless this kid’s soul and may He curse the Israelis and give us Palestine back. AMEN.

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